The Mont Blanc Specialists
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Mont Blanc Guides 6 Day Program

How can people often with no experience climb Mont Blanc in only 6 days? It's totally achievable if you are fit enough, but 6 days is really only a minimum amount of time to acclimatise and prepare for Mont Blanc. Our program has been refined over 12 years of operation and more than 2500 clients to give what we believe is the finest Mont Blanc experience possible, with 3 days training on Gran Paradiso (4061m) followed by 3 days on Mont Blanc itself. Click on the diagram below to see the program for each day.

day 4

Climb to Tete Rousse Hut on Mont Blanc

Today is about getting into position for tomorrow's ascent with the minimum energy expenditure. First we take the rack and pinion railway (originally designed to go to the summit but they didn't get very far!) to its highest point "The Eagle's Nest" (Nid d'Aigle) at 2372m. Next it's a steady trek of two and a half hours / 800m to the Tete Rousse hut (3167m), as the landscape around you gradually transforms from green valley to rocks, snow and ice.

Finally we get installed at the Tete Rousse in the afternoon, make one last check of the weather then decide the teams for tomorrow. You'll climb as two climbers per guide on Mont Blanc, in individual teams all going at their own pace. We try to divide the teams up by speed as much as possible, though if you booked with a friend and want to climb together that's not a problem. Finally it's dinner and an early night, tomorrow's going to be a long day….