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Mont Blanc Guides 6 Day Program

How can people often with no experience climb Mont Blanc in only 6 days? It's totally achievable if you are fit enough, but 6 days is really only a minimum amount of time to acclimatise and prepare for Mont Blanc. Our program has been refined over 12 years of operation and more than 2500 clients to give what we believe is the finest Mont Blanc experience possible, with 3 days training on Gran Paradiso (4061m) followed by 3 days on Mont Blanc itself. Click on the diagram below to see the program for each day.

day 5

Ascent of Mont Blanc
4808 m

This is it, the big day - this is where you find out if all that training you did is going to be enough. We would not have brought you this far if we didn't think you had a good chance of making it, so control your anxiety, get your head down and take it one step at a time; forget about the summit and just focus on the next section in front of you. The view from Tete Rousse is very impressive, and not in a good way; give it a try though and you'll be surprised to find it's not nearly as bad as it looks. Have a look at the images below to get an idea.

Tete Rousse to Gouter takes about two hours, then it's about another fours and a half hours from there to the top; less than 4 hours Gouter to summit is quick, maximum realistic time is five and a half hours. All of our teams are in radio contact throughout, both with the rescue helicopter base in the valley and each other; we can also talk to them via our basecamp radio station at the chalet. Though each team works independently, talking to each other means we can usually sort out problems so that if anyone needs to turn back his rope mate can continue (we make temporary ropes of 3: 1).  

Going back down is much quicker of course, but you need to make a conscious effort to stay focussed - now is not the time to catch your crampon spikes in your trousers. 2 hours gets us back to a tea break at the Gouter hut, then another two hours and we're back at Tete Rousse, a round trip with breaks of something like 12 hours. 

There are lots of reasons we do it like this and don't for example stay at the Gouter hut (see our FAQs for more information). We've had over 2000 clients to date and tried climbing the mountain every which way over the years, so we haven't settled on this itinerary without considering all the other options. It's a changing situation though especially with the huts, so we constantly review our approach to give the highest possible chance of success and the best climbing experience.