The Mont Blanc Specialists
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Certain questions about our courses seem to come up all the time and we have tried to answer these as fully as possible below. Click on each title to see the full explanation, and please don't hesitate to contact us if you can't find exactly what you are looking for.

No it doesn’t, which is why you don’t need any previous mountaineering or climbing experience to join one of our courses. From the hut to the summit you hardly need to use your hands at all, occasionally for balance but not to pull yourself up. Having said that, climbing Mont Blanc could never be described as a walk or trek. Look at the photo showing the line of the route - to give an idea of scale, this would normally take 12 hours up and down.

The most technical section is the obvious dark rocky face in the foreground (which looks like the North face of the Eiger in this photo – it’s really not as bad as all that!). For the vast majority of this you would not need to use your hands but would scramble up (and down) as you would a steep flight of stairs. See the images below to give you an idea of what is involved. Note you are roped to your guide for the whole ascent.


Above this section you climb some easy but tiring snow slopes before getting onto the top snow ridges, which though not difficult are certainly impressive and you need to be careful not to trip over your crampons, particularly in descent. Our training climb of Gran Paradiso (4061m) in the first part of the week is designed to fully prepare you for all the types of terrain you will encounter on Mont Blanc. Hopefully by the time you get up there you will really be starting to know what you are doing!