How fit do you need to be to have a good chance of getting to the summit of Mont Blanc?

Answer the questions below to get a rough idea, more details on our fitness page
Which of the following pictures most closely resembles your body shape ?

You selected the largest silhouette for the first question. In our experience it is virtually impossible to compensate for this amount of excess body weight and be able to climb Mont Blanc.

You will need to slim down considerably in order to have a chance of making the summit.

Please contact us if you would like more information

Do you regularly participate in sports/pastimes where you can be said to suffer with endurance effort?
Examples include running, cycling, mountain biking, cross country skiing, fast/tough hiking; not included: tennis, squash, rugby, normal walking, downhill skiing, weights
What will be your age at the time of the course?
Have you tried running 10km on a flat treadmill at a gym?
(Note : your final result will be more accurate if you try this test)
Mont Blanc from Tete Rousse is 1600m of ascent in a day, at altitude. Can you achieve 1600m of ascent in a day with a light (<5kg) rucsac?
Example: the easiest paths up Snowdon and Scafell in the UK are each 900m of ascent: can you do one of them twice in a day? (Note : your final result will be more accurate if you try this test)
Irrespective of your current fitness levels and even if a long time ago, have you ever played an endurance sport to a high level e.g. County/regional standard or above ?
Do you sometimes undertake endurance workout sessions of 3+ hours?
For example : running, cycling, fast uphill cycling etc...


The result below is a rough indication of whether or not you are fit enough to climb Mont Blanc; it’s accuracy can in no way be guaranteed! Please see our main website fitness page for more detailed information.

You are much more likely to get an accurate result if you have tried the tests outlined in questions 4 and 5. Please contact us if the result you get is not what you were expecting or for any other question regarding fitness required for Mont Blanc. You could also consider one of our North Wales Training Weekends for two days of intense mountain training and detailed feedback on your current fitness levels.

  • Not fit enough

  • 50% chance in perfect conditions

  • Should summit in most conditions

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